The Path To Finding Better Prescriptions

The Path To Finding Better Prescriptions

What the Rx Symbol Stands For

People have come across the Rx symbol especially in medicine. Its meaning is however not known to most people. Some people think it is a logo for certain products. This is however not the case. The symbol is a combination of the letter R and x made to appear as one. It therefore becomes one and not two different letters. It is mostly adopted by medics. The meaning of this symbol has been explained using different theories. The theories are however closely related though they come from different cultures. A better understanding of what it actually means has thus been derived.

According to the Latin culture, the symbol is derived from the Latin word ‘recipere’. The word means to take. It is used by doctors to prescribe medication to the patients. This is to show how and when to take medicine. It also shows command. People are required to do as stated when they find the symbol in a sentence. It ensures a better understanding to patients on the right dosage of the drugs. With the use of this symbol, emphasis is created on commands.

It is a symbol used to depict the eye of Horus in the Egyptian culture. This refers to an Egyptian god who brings good health. It was also believed to keep away evil spirits. It was therefore a symbol of protection for the community. In order to keep the Egyptian kings safe in their afterlife, the symbol was craved on their graves. The community knew that they were safe with this symbol thus felt safe. It was also used on people who needed healing. This is why its use is still common in the medical field.

In the Roman culture, the symbol denoted the god of Jupiter. Being the largest star, it was considered the king of the gods. People believed that worshipping this god brought about healing. It could command other gods to ensure that the community was well. When medicine men gave medicine to their clients, they would include the symbol to plea with the gods to enable the patient heal. This gave the patients a sense of hope that the gods were going to grant them healing.

This symbol has been in use for decades. No matter the small variations in meaning according to different cultures, its use has remained to be in the medical area. This symbol can be found in pharmacies and drugs. It is thus necessary that people understand the origin and meaning of this symbol so that they become aware. It will thus ensure that people do not come up with superstitions about its meaning. It also makes sure that there is correct use of the symbol. It is important for people to ensure they have an understanding of the various symbols used.

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